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Tax Recovery Solutions Inc. is a provider of Canadian Sales Tax recovery and exposure analysis services for companies in Canada and the USA. Our specialists consist of accounting professionals and ex-government auditors with many years of experience in their field of expertise.

Many businesses in North America who do business in or with Canada often pay more sales taxes than they are legally required to pay to the Canadian authorities. In other cases, some under pay the required taxes and are faced with the potential for government assessments, penalties and interest charges. These companies stand to benefit immensely from our services.

  • Most services provided are on a contingency basis.
  • Companies incur no costs if no tangible savings are realized.
  • Our electronic data analysis methods save our clients time and money.
  • Our services are provided at the lowest fee rate that is found in the market place.


Our specialty areas:

  • Canadian Goods and Services and Harmonized Sales Tax.
  • Provincial Sales Taxes
  • Quebec Sales Tax.
  • European Value Added Tax.
  • USA Sales and Use Tax - provided in affiliation with our USA partners.


Why choose TRS?

TRS has a proven history of successfully recovering substantial tax dollars for many Canadian and USA companies. Over 1000 companies successfully completed to date. Our EM (electronic method) is an effective tool in capturing tax anomalies. TRS is able to offer you the lowest fee rate. We are able to give you this rate due to our simplified method of analysis, reducing our time and overhead costs. Our quality work will not be compromised but the amount of refund maximized. We provide you a one stop shop for recovery services in the following special areas in addition to the standard recovery services in sales taxes:

  • USA Sales and Use Tax and European VAT.
  • Recovery of Ontario Sales Tax on Capital construction projects relating to manufacturing facilities.


When TRS is engaged to do a tax recovery review, TRS will provide the client with a special AP Tax exposure report on liabilities uncovered during the process of the review.



Clients with specific tax questions may contact our experts via E-mail. TRS has a policy of responding to all questions within 48 hours.


TRS’ clients will be able to log on to important Federal and Provincial Tax links for the purpose of researching and downloading of information. The links are provided through the TRS Web pages.