We employ modern methods to identify and recover over-paid commodity taxes on a contingency basis. This service is provided with the least of interference to the company’s day to day operations.



  • We save clients substantial dollars by recovering legally permitted over-payments in taxes. In addition, the clients will reap recurring future savings as a result of the knowledge imparted by TRS.

  • Tax exposure reporting by TRS can help companies to be pro-active. Voluntary disclosure of taxes owing to the government can save substantial dollars in interest and penalties.

  • Those who use our services derive comfort from the fact that an independent set of specialists have reviewed their work and reported on possible areas of tax over or under payments.

  • Company staff will gain knowledge relating to tax matters and therefore become more able to contribute to future savings for the company.

  • Direct access to tax questions and Links to Tax sites for easy reference and download of information.

  • One stop shop for both Canadian/USA Sales Tax services and European VAT matters. Most services provided are on a contingency basis.

  • Companies incur no costs if no tangible savings are realized.

  • Our electronic data analysis methods save our clients time and money.

  • Our services are provided at the lowest fee rate that is found in the market place.


Tax related links:

Please log on to the following government links to do your tax research and to download information on any of the following Canadian Sales Tax areas. You can easily navigate to specific locations within these sites, at your own leisure.


Please check the frequently asked questions...............


When TRS is engaged to do a tax recovery review, TRS will provide the client with a special AP Tax exposure report on liabilities uncovered during the process of the review.



Clients with specific tax questions may contact our experts via E-mail. TRS has a policy of responding to all questions within 48 hours.


TRS’ clients will be able to log on to important Federal and Provincial Tax links for the purpose of researching and downloading of information. The links are provided through the TRS Web pages.