We specialize in Canadian Goods and Services and Harmonized Sales Tax, Provincial Sales Taxes, Quebec Sales Tax, European Value Added Tax, USA Sales and Use Tax. Our specialists consist of accounting professionals and ex-government auditors with many years of experience in their field of expertise.




Q. We have a firm that does our tax reviews. Why do we need another company to do the same work?

We have often reviewed the records of companies previously audited by other Tax recovery providers and have recovered substantially more funds. Our special interest areas have lead to additional recoveries for many companies. A new set of eyes combined with expertise and knowledge is bound to benefit your company with additional tax recoveries or flagged liabilities.

Q. Our systems and tax knowledge are up-to-date. How would you benefit us in such a situation?

Tax laws change continuously. Staff can misinterpret the rules. Moreover, internal controls may not be consistently enforced. You may be experiencing staff turnover, staff fatigue and system glitches, resulting in many errors going un-noticed. At the end of our review, we will provide you with a full report on all these matters and recommend viable solutions.


Q. We do not have the manpower to help you. How much involvement do you think you need from us?

We need very little involvement from your staff. At the initial stages someone should be able to answer a few questions for us and show us where the records are. Our own staff will handle all the detailed work, the compiling of information, the filing of claims and follow up with the Government authorities. Our presence in your office will be at your convenience.


Q. How can you handle our large volume of transactions?

Our auditing techniques are fine-tuned. We prefer using computer data analysis to achieve our goals. Initially, the data will have to come from your system. Use of electronic methods helps us to look at data with ease and speed.


Q. We are concerned that our records may be disturbed or misplaced. How can you give us comfort in this area?

This is a common concern a lot of companies express. Our specialists understand the importance of records and keep a tag on all records pulled so that they are placed back in the same location. The sequence of records, files and cabinet arrangements will be strictly observed.


Q. We need to maintain confidentiality of information. Can you guarantee us this?

Absolutely! Our staff are made aware of the importance of this matter. We will sign a Confidentiality Agreement to guarantee our integrity.


Q. I am more interested in tax exposures than recovery. How can you help me in that area?

Indeed a very valid concern. When we sign up for a recovery review, we promise to give you a special report on tax exposures in the reviewed areas. This will help you to know where the pitfalls are so that you may rectify them before the government audits you. However, if you need a total exposure analysis of the company as a whole, we undertake such assignments separately on an hourly fee basis.


Q. What if we are subsequently re-assessed by the government, on the claims you filed earlier?

We stand by our work. Re-assessments are rare. We will work with the government to legally reduce the assessment. In the event you end up paying the assessment, we will pay you back our share of the fee plus the applicable interest thereon.


Q. What if we have questions, can we contact you?

Yes, you can E-mail us your questions or call us on the numbers provided. It is our policy to respond to all client enquiries in the quickest possible manner.



When TRS is engaged to do a tax recovery review, TRS will provide the client with a special AP Tax exposure report on liabilities uncovered during the process of the review.



Clients with specific tax questions may contact our experts via E-mail. TRS has a policy of responding to all questions within 48 hours.


TRS’ clients will be able to log on to important Federal and Provincial Tax links for the purpose of researching and downloading of information. The links are provided through the TRS Web pages.