TRS has a proven history of successfully recovering substantial tax dollars for many Canadian and USA companies. Our electronic method is an effective tool in capturing tax anomalies. We are able to give you very low rate due to the simplified method of analysis, reducing time and overhead costs. 




Tax Recovery Services

TRS employs modern methods in identifying and recovering over-paid commodity taxes on a contingency basis. This service is provided with the least of interference to the company’s day to day operations. Upon completion of reviews a comprehensive report consisting of findings and recommendations is compiled and provided to the client along with copies of refund applications and supporting documentation.

When a client signs up with us for a tax recovery review, we will also provide the client with a report on tax exposures discovered in the transactions subjected to our review.


Tax Exposure Services

We undertake Sales Tax exposure analysis assignments on an hourly fee basis if the client so desires. The purpose of this analysis is to assist companies to uncover tax liabilities which they may be exposed to, in the event of a government audit. Companies can benefit from this exercise by being pro-active and thereby minimizing the assessments, penalties and interest.


Tax Reduction Services

We undertake tax reduction services for companies that are audited and assessed for unpaid taxes, interest and penalties. It is mandatory that this work is performed within 180 days of the official date of the assessment. We provide this service on a contingency fee basis.


European Value Added Tax

TRS has European VAT specialists who work with certain EEC country governments to recover over-paid and other recoverable European VAT taxes. Companies who do business in Europe and/or those that have employees who travel in EEC countries can greatly benefit by this service.


USA Sales and Use Recovery Services

TRS provides USA Sales and Use Tax recovery services for Canadian companies through its USA affiliates.


When TRS is engaged to do a tax recovery review, TRS will provide the client with a special AP Tax exposure report on liabilities uncovered during the process of the review.



Clients with specific tax questions may contact our experts via E-mail. TRS has a policy of responding to all questions within 48 hours.


TRS’ clients will be able to log on to important Federal and Provincial Tax links for the purpose of researching and downloading of information. The links are provided through the TRS Web pages.